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“Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity” - Sigmund Freud

Welcome to the documentation for freud, a Python package for analyzing particle simulation trajectories of periodic systems. The library contains a diverse array of analysis routines designed for molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation trajectories. Since any scientific investigation is likely to benefit from a range of analyses, freud is designed to work as part of a larger analysis pipeline. In order to maximize its interoperability with other systems, freud works with and returns NumPy arrays.

Installing freud

The recommended method of installing freud is using conda through the conda-forge channel. First download and install miniconda following conda’s instructions. Then, install freud from conda-forge:

$ conda install -c conda-forge freud

Alternatively, freud can be installed directly from source.

$ git clone
$ cd freud
$ python install

Support and Contribution

Please visit our repository on Bitbucket for the library source code. Any issues or bugs may be reported at our issue tracker, while questions and discussion can be directed to our forum. All contributions to freud are welcomed via pull requests! Please see the development guide for more information on requirements for new code.

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